ICAC officers to appear in Legco polling stations

For the first time, anti-graft officers will be deployed at polling stations in Legislative Council elections.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) said on Wednesday that it will deploy around 800 staff at polling stations on election day on December 19.

At a press briefing, the ICAC’s director of community relations, Ho Wai-chi, said staff members will handle inquires and complaints at the stations.

Ho said enforcement action will be carried out if necessary.

Officers will also observe voting and ballot-counting procedures.

Meanwhile, ICAC staff will monitor social media for election-related activity.

The anti-graft body renewed its warnings against calls for people to boycott the polls or cast invalid ballots, saying it has received six complaints so far.

Earlier this month, the ICAC arrested three people for allegedly sharing an online message asking people to cast blank votes for next month’s elections.