ICAC issues warning against blank vote calls

The ICAC on Saturday warned against calls for people to cast blank ballots, as the nomination period for the December Legco election began.

The anti-graft commission said it had noticed such appeals online. It said anyone who incites another not to vote, or to cast an invalid vote, by activity in public during an election period is in breach of the Elections (Corruption and Illegal Conduct) Ordinance, adding that the maximum penalty for the offence is three years in prison and a fine of HK$200,000.

It said social media platforms, or websites, would be asked to remove any illegal content.

“The ICAC will take resolute enforcement actions to combat conducts manipulating and sabotaging the election,” it said.

The Legco nomination period runs until November 12.

The Registration and Electoral Office said it had received 15 nomination forms on the first day.

Polling for the new 90-member Legislative Council will take place on December 19.