Hong Kong will rebound from its trough: John Lee

Acting Chief Executive John Lee on Thursday said Hong Kong was on the rebound, as the city restores social and political stability.

Speaking at a ceremony to mark the 24th anniversary of the handover, Lee said Hong Kong had faced unprecedented challenges in recent years, with anti-government protests lasting for months in 2019 and some people “abusing loopholes in the city’s electoral system” in a bid to paralyse the administration and damage the relationship between the central government and Hong Kong.

He said in the past year – with the help of the central government, the introduction of the national security law and the revamping of Hong Kong’s electoral system – order had been restored. He said the proper implementation of the One Country, Two Systems principle had been ensured, allowing the SAR to take advantage of the mainland’s rapid development.

The acting CE – who gave his speech at the Exhibition and Convention Centre in Wan Chai – said the SAR government had carried out its duties and taken action according to the law against activities that could harm national security, while maintaining human rights and people’s freedom.

He said he had full confidence in Hong Kong’s future as the SAR’s economy and jobless rate had improved significantly, while people’s lives were returning to normal as social distancing restrictions were relaxed due to the improving coronavirus situation.

“As Hong Kong restores social and political stability, the city is well-positioned to rebound from its trough and have a better future,” Lee said.

“The current-term government is in its fourth year. We experienced unprecedented challenges. We’ve continued to learn and improve our governance.”

“Our team has higher-than-ever confidence in Hong Kong’s prospect. In the coming year, we will continue to uphold national security with determination, and ensure the proper implementation of the One Country, Two Systems principle. We will strive ahead with perseverance,” he said.