Hong Kong artist Kacey Wong moves to Taiwan

One of Hong Kong’s best known artists, Kacey Wong, said on social media that he has left Hong Kong for Taiwan, reportedly because he wanted to go to a place where he would enjoy “100 percent freedom”.

Wong posted a video message on Facebook on Tuesday containing a song he wrote, which also featured lyrics from Vera Lynn’s “We’ll Meet Again”.

“When you received this letter, I have already left. Leaving is not easy, staying is also difficult.

“We have known each other for 51 years, I will not forget you. Let’s treasure each other, goodbye Hong Kong,” he wrote in the message.

“We’ll meet again. Don’t know where, don’t know when,” he sang a rendition of the song by Lynn that was popular during the Second World War.

Wong, 51, an architecture graduate of Cornell University in the United States who taught at Polytechnic University, told local media that he wanted to pursue “100 percent freedom”.

Back in March, state mouthpiece Ta Kung Pao published an article alleging the Arts Development Council had sponsored work that “glorifies black violence and Hong Kong independence”. Wong was one of the artists named.

The piece also accused him of introducing “the so-called revolution” to the overseas audience, when he gave a TED talk in Vienna during the 2019 protests.

Wong was a regular at the annual July 1 protests. He was also known for conducting art performances on matters such as the June Fourth crackdown, the disappearance of Causeway Bay booksellers and the anti-government protests two years ago.