HKU student leaders face possible police action

Police Commissioner Raymond Siu on Saturday said authorities would take action against those who violate the national security law, as he commented on a now-withdrawn motion by University of Hong Kong student leaders, which had expressed sadness at a man’s suicide after he stabbed a policeman last week.

Pro-government organisations and figures have accused the student group of inciting terrorist attacks by praising the man, who knifed an officer outside the Sogo department store on the July 1 handover anniversary.

Arthur Li, who chairs the university’s governing council, reportedly said he would welcome a national security probe into the student union council, and the university would see whether the council members should be expelled.

The HKU student union council has since apologised for the motion, with four executive committee members resigning from their posts.

The police chief said that the force hadn’t received any reports yet, but that it would follow up if it had any suspicions.

“Prosecutions will be laid if there is any evidence, and we will seek advice from the Department of Justice if needed,” Siu said.

The police commissioner added that the force would take action against any crimes online or offline, noting that some people were glorifying violence online and inciting people to hate and harm the police.

Over the past week, four people have been arrested over comments they made online for alleged incitement to target the police.