HKU bashes students union for ‘whitewashing violence’

The University of Hong Kong on Thursday condemned its students’ union for “whitewashing violence” for mourning a man who killed himself after stabbing a police officer in Causeway Bay last week.

During a meeting on Wednesday night, the students’ union council passed a motion to “express its deep sadness at the death of Mr Leung Kin-fai; offer its sympathy and condolences to his family and friends; appreciate his sacrifice to Hong Kong.”

The council members also observed a one-minute silence before the meeting started.

In response, the university said in a statement: “the portrayal of the stabbing of a police officer and the suicide of the attacker as ‘sacrifice’ sends a totally wrong message to society.”

The university added that it condemns all forms of violence and opposes any speech or acts that promote and justify violence.

Authorities have described the incident as a “lone-wolf terrorist attack” and rebuked people who grieved over the death of the assailant.

In a statement issued on Thursday night, the Security Bureau also said it strongly condemns “a university student organisation” for “beautifying and treating as heroic the blatant violence of the attacker”.

It said the move is “no different from supporting and encouraging terrorism, which goes against humanity and the people”.
Last updated: 2021-07-08 HKT 20:58