HKBU suspends staff member arrested over terrorism

The Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) on Wednesday revealed that it had suspended one of its employees, saying the member of staff was among a group of people recently arrested on suspicion of engaging in terrorist activities.

On Tuesday, authorities arrested nine people, including six secondary school students, in connection with an alleged plot to blow up local courts, the cross-harbour tunnels and the railways.

The police had said that a member of staff from the management of a local university was among those detained.

In a letter to students and staff, HKBU’s president Alexander Wai said police officers entered the university’s campus in Shek Mun on Wednesday with a search warrant to collect evidence.

He said the university will do its best to assist with the investigation.

Wai strongly condemned terrorism and violent acts, and reminded members of the university to always abide by the law.

“The rational expression of views and discourses, and the peaceful resolution of conflicts based on reason, are the cornerstone of a civil society,” he wrote.

“Terrorism and violence pose serious threats to the safety of members of the community, and the security and order of society and the nation.”