‘HK will help global Covid fight with revamped Legco’

Health Secretary Sophia Chan said on Sunday that Hong Kong will be able to contribute to the global fight against Covid-19 if the legislature would act together with the administration.

She made the comment in her blog as she called on people to vote in the revamped Legco polls next week.

Chan said disturbance within Legco in 2019 had seriously affected governance, and so it had been necessary to improve the electoral system to make sure only patriots rule Hong Kong.

“Constant internal friction in the legislature, and unnecessary, irrational arguments had seriously affected Legco and the administration’s governance. Important livelihood works were greatly affected, and it did not match public interests and their expectations,” she wrote.

She said improving governance would make it easier to implement the Food and Health Bureau’s policy initiatives.

“Especially in the face of the Covid pandemic, if Legco and the government would act together, it will definitely help in the implementation of various anti-epidemic measures. It not only allows Hong Kong to ‘actively maintain zero-cases’, but also allows the city to contribute to the global fight against Covid,” she said.

Concluding the article, Chan specifically appealed to voters in the medical & health services, catering, and agriculture & fisheries sectors to cast their ballots on December 19, so patriots will work with her bureau to “build a better Hong Kong”.

Civil Service Secretary Patrick Nip, and the Development Secretary, Michael Wong, also wrote on their social media platforms to call on people to vote.