‘HK should legislate to ensure information security’

An associate dean of engineering at the Chinese University on Saturday said Hong Kong should legislate to ensure information security to prevent threats to national security.

Speaking on RTHK’s NSL Chronicles programme, Professor Wong Kam-fai said cybersecurity is not just about computer viruses and spamming, but also involves creating rumours, fake news and more.

“For example, if people create rumours online saying a type of medicine or vaccine is not good, and the allegations are groundless, they could endanger national security when people refuse to cooperate with the government or the country because of this wrong information,” he said.

The professor, who heads the university’s Centre for Innovation and Technology, said lack of regulation in the virtual world can exacerbate the creation of rumours and fake news, bringing more dangers to the real world.

He also reminded people that they will have to bear legal consequences for their actions online.