HK must be prepared for new CIA unit: Chris Tang

Security Secretary Chris Tang says Hong Kong needs to get prepared for the new China Mission Centre which the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is setting up.

The American spy agency announced the creation of the centre on Thursday, saying it would strengthen its work on China.

Tang didn’t elaborate on what the SAR administration will do, but said espionage will be covered by new national security legislation that officials are working on.

“Smart Hongkongers will know what kind of ways the CIA’s China Mission Centre would use to gather intelligence. We have to be prepared,” he said.

“In safeguarding the national security as well as the security of Hong Kong, we have to have a robust intelligence system, which will be supported by our operational unit. We also have to look at relevant legislation. That’s why we have to revive Article 23,” Tang added.

He said the national security law Beijing introduced in Hong Kong last year only covers two of seven types of offences set out in Article 23 of the Basic Law, and existing laws aren’t enough to tackle acts that endanger national security.