HK govt welcomes ‘ironclad evidence’ of US meddling

The SAR government on Friday said Beijing’s move to expose what it describes as Washington’s years of interference in Hong Kong will help HongKongers avoid “falling prey to the malicious attempts of the US”.

In a statement, the SAR authorities say they fully support the Foreign Ministry’s document, titled: ‘Fact Sheet: US Interference in Hong Kong Affairs and Support for Anti-China, Destabilising Force’.

The ministry described the list as Washington’s criminal record when it comes to meddling in Hong Kong affairs and supporting anti-China forces.

The scores of offences listed include former US President Donald Trump revoking America’s preferential economic treatment for Hong Kong, Washington expressing concern about Hong Kong’s later-abandoned extradition bill, and the US Consulate putting electric candles in its windows on June 4.

“The US has been colluding with anti-China, destabilising forces for years and disseminating anti-China comments and thoughts via organisations and individuals with ulterior motives,” the SAR government says.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has now exposed the US’ malicious acts with ironclad evidence. Hong Kong people can now grasp the facts, understand clearly the years of interference by external forces in Hong Kong, and avoid falling prey to the malicious attempts of the US.”

The statement goes on to say that the government is grateful to Beijing for the national security law and electoral system overhaul.