‘HK enjoys more rights now than under British rule’

The Chinese Embassy in London said on Friday that UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has “confused right and wrong” in saying the national security law had been used to crush freedoms in Hong Kong, adding that people in the SAR are enjoying more rights than during its colonial days.

An embassy spokesman said Raab had turned a blind eye to the role that the law had played, saying “social stability has been restored, justice and rule of law have been upheld, and the rights and freedoms of the residents have been truly safeguarded” in Hong Kong since the security law came into effect a year ago.

The spokesman said China strongly opposes the British official’s move to “deliberately discredit” the security law in the SAR.

He added that Hong Kong residents are enjoying rights and freedoms they never had during the British rule.

“Blaming China groundlessly instead of reflecting on UK’s colonial history only reveals the typical practice of hypocrisy and double-standards!” a statement said.

The spokesman called on the UK to stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs, saying its colonial rule over Hong Kong was long gone.

Raab had tweeted that the UK “will not duck [its] historic responsibilities” to the Hong Kong people.