‘HK Charter website taken down temporarily’

Exiled activist Nathan Law said on Thursday that a website featuring a charter that calls for international advocacy, democracy and autonomy had been temporarily taken down, after the Hong Kong police alleged that it contained messages violating the national security law.

The 2021 Hong Kong Charter was launched in March by eight activists, including Law and Ted Hui, who have both fled the city.

Law said on social media that the Israeli domain host, Wix, had received a letter written by the SAR police on May 24, asking it to take the site down as it contained messages of secession, subversion, colluding with foreign forces and incitement. He shared a letter purportedly from the police warning Wix of prosecution if the content was not removed within 72 hours.

The former legislator said the website was subsequently removed on Monday, and only came back online on Thursday night.

“Wix said they removed the website by mistake. I genuinely hope that they learnt something from this incident. The website was down since 31 May, it took them 3 days (and three hours after I tweeted) to reinstate it”, Law wrote on Twitter.

Earlier, Law questioned whether Wix had bowed to pressure from Beijing.

“Because the website is hosted by a foreign corporation outside of China’s jurisdiction, it is a clear example of China’s long arm of influence under the new security law. It’s outrageous [the website] might be blocked, just because China considers it subversive,” he said.

“The Hong Kong government and police force should not continue to stifle internet freedom, or to intimidate parties cooperating with other democracy advocates under the guise of national security.”

The police, meanwhile, declined to comment on individual cases.

Soon after the charter was launched earlier this year, the Security Bureau warned that the security law has “extra-territorial effect”, saying that violators of the law would be prosecuted, no matter where they might be.

Law went into exile in London after the security law went into effect. Hui fled for Australia via Denmark and Britain while awaiting trial on protest-related charges.
Last updated: 2021-06-03 HKT 22:41