HK authorities to probe Falun Gong amid calls for ban

Security Secretary Chris Tang said on Wednesday that the authorities will look into accusations that Falun Gong has breached the national security law, as legislators clamoured for the group to be outlawed.

At a Legco meeting, Tang was asked why Falun Gong hasn’t already been banned in Hong Kong, when it was made illegal on the mainland back in 1999.

The DAB’s Elizabeth Quat said Falun Gong is not a religious organisation but a group that aims to subvert state power, while Wong Kwok-kin from the Federation of Trade Unions asked whether the government could investigate the source of Falun Gong’s funding and freeze its assets if warranted.

In response, Tang said investigations will be carried out and action taken if necessary.

“There are numerous accusations in the community. The law enforcement agencies will definitely look closer into the matter. Legal proceedings may be taken against the organisation in the future, so I shall not comment publicly on an individual organisation,” he said.

“Any acts that may endanger national security and any such organisation engaging in such acts would face the full force of the law, including rigorous investigation, gathering of evidence, and if needs be, enforcement action will be taken.”

Falun Gong is described by members as a spiritual movement, but Beijing says it is an evil cult.