History will judge my performance: John Lee

The new Chief Secretary, John Lee, said on Sunday that history will judge his performance, and whether it was right for him to be promoted into the second highest position in government.

In a television interview, Lee was asked whether he was the right person to replace Matthew Cheung as the number-two official in the administration, and whether he should have shouldered responsibility for shepherding the ill-fated extradition bill in 2019.

“History will judge”, Lee said in reply, adding that he’s in a trusting relationship with the Chief Executive and believes he’ll be able to help Carrie Lam in her governance.

Lee stressed his number-one priority after taking office will be to heal the social divide, and said he believes he can do so through “non-political activities” such as sports events and campaigns that encourage a healthy lifestyle among teenagers.

Meanwhile, the former security chief slammed people who mourned a man who killed himself after attacking a policeman in Causeway Bay last Thursday, saying their action “sends a very wrong message” to society.

He said even if people are unhappy with the government, they must not endorse ‘terrorist activities’ and should instead air their views in a reasonable and lawful manner.

“Following the recent improvement of the local electoral system, people can express their views to legislators, members of the Fight Crime Committee or Area Committees,” he said, adding that the administration is doing its best to address people’s plight.