‘Grassroots will be hit hardest by power price rise’

A pressure group said on Wednesday that a rise in power prices will hit grassroots residents in sub-divided flats particularly hard.

The territory’s two power companies have announced price increases from January 1, with charges to rise by 7 percent on Hong Kong Island and 5.8 percent in Kowloon and the New Territories.

On an RTHK programme, Candice Chung from the Concerning Grassroot Housing Rights Alliance said many landlords overcharge sub-divided flat tenants for electricity.

“Overcharging is common. The two power companies are charging between HK$1.2 and HK$1.3 for each unit of electricity, but landlords are charging tenants of sub-divided flats HK$1.6 each unit,” she said.

Chung predicted that the overcharging problem will get worse after prices rise.

She said it would be difficult for sub-divided flat tenants to reduce their electricity use and they might instead cut their spending on food and education in order to save money.