Govt working on changes to LeaveHomeSafe app

The government says it is studying various ways to enhance its LeaveHomeSafe Covid app, including alternatives to users scanning QR codes to record their entry into various buildings.

Deputy Government Chief Information Officer Tony Wong said on Wednesday that the authorities want to simplify the app to make it easier for older people to use.

It is now compulsory for people to use LeaveHomeSafe at government buildings, including wet markets, libraries and public hospitals, although those aged 65 and above or under 12 are exempt.

Wong told a radio programme that the government understands that some people have struggled to use the app and changes could be on the way.

He also urged people to turn on their mobile data or connect their smartphones to WiFi from time to time, to check if they have received any notifications from the app regarding Covid infections, saying otherwise the software would be rendered useless.

Back in February, the administration said Wong’s office was working on making LeaveHomeSafe capable of automatically recording people’s entry and exit times.