Govt urges more private doctors to give Covid jabs

Civil Service Secretary Patrick Nip on Friday made an appeal for private doctors and clinics to join the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

Speaking on an RTHK programme, the minister in charge of the inoculation drive said authorities will streamline procedures for them to sign up.

“Around 1,000 private clinics are giving vaccines. Last year, sometimes they were giving around 2,000 or about 10,000 at the maximum. Recently they are giving 40,000 jabs a day,” he noted.

“We are liaising with private doctors and relevant organisations, and we encourage those who have not signed up for the vaccination programme to join us. Especially paediatricians who can give jabs to children, we welcome them to join,” said Nip.

The minister also said authorities have increased the number of jabs each clinic can book from 200 to 800 a day.

He said an average 84,000 people have been inoculated daily in the past week.

Nip also said the government will seek to further boost Hong Kong’s vaccination capacity, and try to send more outreach teams to vaccinate residents of elderly homes.