‘Govt to provide vaccines at construction sites’

The government is expected to start providing outreach Covid-19 vaccination for construction workers at the end of this month.

That’s according to the president of the Hong Kong Construction Association, Lam Kin-wing, who’s been holding talks with the administration over the matter.

On an RTHK programme on Monday, Lam said a trial run will likely be carried out at one of the many construction sites in East Kowloon, but the authorities have yet to decide the location.

He said contractors have reacted positively to the idea.

Lam said the plan is to find a spacious location that’s comparable in size to a vaccination centre, where workers at nearby construction sites could go to get the jab.

An outreach centre would hopefully encourage more workers to get the shot, Lam said.

“Some contractors told us workers support this vaccination arrangement, because it’s convenient. They can get it in the afternoon, and then go home to rest, so they don’t have to take any days off,” Lam said. “Of course if they feel unwell afterwards they could take time off too.”