Govt takes back three private sites to build flats

Development officials on Thursday said they were going to invoke the Land Resumption Ordinance to take back three plots of private land in Yuen Long and Fanling to build subsidised housing.

The three sites are located at Shap Pat Heung Road near Lung Tin Tsuen and near the junction of Yuen Lung Street and Yau Tin East Road in Yuen Long, as well as San Wan Road near Wong Kong Shan in Fanling.

Altogether, they are expected to produce about 1,600 flats.

The three plots are among 10 that were identified by officials to explore their potential for high-density housing development.

The Development Bureau said the three were chosen after considering a number of factors, including the overall planning of the areas as well as the community facilities and infrastructure available.

“The announcement indicates the government’s readiness to take the lead in developing these sites through resumption for a public purpose if the potential has not been realised in a timely manner,” a spokesperson said.

As for the remaining seven land parcels, officials said two of them are considered to be unsuitable for housing development, while the other five would not be resumed at this stage.