Govt sending team to foster home over alleged abuse

The Social Welfare Department (SWD) says it will on Monday send a special team to a foster home at the centre of child abuse allegations, to “closely monitor” its operations.

The team – comprised of social workers, nurses and child care experts – will be stationed daily at the Children’s Residential Home in Prince Edward, according to the government announcement.

The SWD said the experts are tasked with ensuring the facility’s operations meet the government’s standards.

It said it has issued warnings and improvement directives to the home’s operator, the Society for the Protection of Children, and has requested a review report by January 25.

Sixteen people have been arrested over the alleged abuse of more than two dozen children at the foster home.

The SWD said it has sent more than 20 clinical psychiatrists, nurses and social workers to the home to investigate and assess the emotional and physical health of children staying there.

In a statement, the Society for the Protection of Children said it understands and supports the SWD’s initiative and will work with the authorities to ensure that children at the facility are given the most suitable care.

“I want to apologise again for what has happened at our Children’s Residential Home. The incident has triggered understandable questions and criticism of the Society for the Protection of Children… We are determined to reform and become better,” said Robin Hammond, chairman of the society.
Last updated: 2022-01-14 HKT 21:44