Govt orders tests in Sham Shui Po and Tsing Yi

Health officials said on Saturday that they’ve issued compulsory testing orders for buildings in Tsing Yi and Sham Shui Po.

They said both cases involved a mutant strain, and they believed the risk of infection was higher.

They issued an order for residents of Wang Sin House, Cheung Wang Estate in Tsing Yi, after a 41-year-old female resident who’s in charge of cleaning facilities on cargo flights, tested positive. Just last week, a 39-year-old aircraft cabin cleaner was found to be infected.

They said anyone who had visited Wang Sin House for more than two hours between (December 26 and January 15 must undergo compulsory testing on or before January 17.

They also issued a compulsory testing order for residents of Tung Moon House on Tai Hang Tung Estate in Sham Shui Po.

They said the Sham Shui Po case involved a 43-year-old female resident of the building who arrived in Hong Kong on December 20 from Pakistan by flight EK384. The woman had been double jabbed in Pakistan, and tested negative during quarantine but tested preliminary positive on January 14.

They said anyone who’s spent more than two hours in the building from January 10 to January 15 must get tested by January 17.

Officials said the compulsory test orders also applied to people who’ve been vaccinated or who’ve been recently tested because a mutant strain was involved.

They expect to complete the operations by 7am on Sunday.