Govt adds three hotels for contacts of Covid patients

The Government said on Monday that three hotels will be added as quarantine hotels for close contacts of cases tested positive for the coronavirus until April 30.

It said in a statement that Dorsett Mongkok, Hong Kong and Grand City Hotel would be activated immediately, and Dorsett Tsuen Wan would begin operating as a quarantine hotel from February 10.

“Quarantine is an important and effective measure to prevent the virus from spreading in the community,” A government spokesman said in a statement.

“We will closely monitor and review the situation of various quarantine facilities every day and make timely adjustments if necessary, so that quarantine facilities could be used for persons with higher risks to the community for preventing the virus from entering the community via these persons.”

Citing the increasing numbers of cases tested positive and close contacts that needed to be quarantined, the statement said the government had activated the Penny’s Bay Quarantine Centre, the Lei Yue Mun Park and Holiday Village, Junior Police Call Permanent Activity Centre in Pat Heung, Sai Kung Outdoor Recreation Centre and four quarantine hotels, to provide around 5,200 units in total for close contacts and their household contacts.

It said the three quarantine hotels would provide about 1,000 additional units.

It said the Dorsett Mongkok, Grand City Hotel and Dorsett Tsuen Wan would stop taking reservations for inbound travellers, and persons already under quarantine in the hotels would be transferred.