Government accused of disqualification scare game

Southern district councillor Paul Zimmerman is urging the government to make clear what its intentions are over the fate of district councillors, saying it appears to be playing a ‘scare game’, which is extremely unhealthy.

Around 70 district councillors have resigned in the past few days, amid rumours that if they’re disqualified, authorities will recoup their salaries and allowances.

The government is expected to order district councillors to pledge allegiance to the SAR this month and it’s being reported as many as 230 pan-democrats might fail to meet the criteria.

Zimmerman says a number of his colleagues are concerned about it.

“I think it should be better and more correct for government to stop this game of letting up balloons in the media on what may, or may not, happen – and publish, as soon as possible, what their intentions are,” he said.

Zimmerman said the government should lay down guidelines and criteria and make them effective in a month’s time, rather than immediately, so people can consider them and make their own decisions.