Free rides remind people how important voting is: CE

Chief Executive Carrie Lam says public transport companies are voluntarily providing free transport on Sunday as part of their corporate social responsibility to encourage people to vote in the Legislative Council elections.

Lam conceded that most voters don’t need transport to get to polling stations, but said the free rides are a good gesture to remind the public how important voting is for Hong Kong.

“This is more a gesture of collective responsibility to remind people that 19 December is a crucial day,” she said.

“We welcome you to come out,” Lam added. “You can take the bus, you can go elsewhere but also go to a polling station to cast your vote.”

Lam said many commercial buildings were voluntarily putting up big signboards to promote the elections, and the transport firms also had similar ideas of their own.

The chief executive also said franchised transport companies, the MTR, bus firms and Hong Kong Tramways, had a “corporate responsibility to do something” and so had agreed in discussion with transport officials to provide free rides on election day.

Lam also stressed the free trips would not affect fare adjustment plans for the transport companies, saying they all have separate funds to handle special offers.