Foodpanda delivery staff on strike for second day

A group of Foodpanda delivery staff on Sunday continued their strike for a second day over cuts in delivery fees.

Workers said the company has cut delivery fees by at least 10 dollars per order since January this year, with the amount varying depending on the district the order is placed and whether the service is delivered by motorcyclists or “walkers”.

More than a dozen workers gathered outside a Foodpanda office in Tin Hau on Sunday, demanding talks with the company.

One of them said the platform had repeatedly cut delivery fees since last year, adding that his salary had dropped by about 30 percent.

He said the strike has already affected some of the company’s delivery services.

The platform’s app showed that its food delivery services were running as usual, but its grocery delivery services in some districts had been suspended.

Foodpanda said delivery workers are entitled to take part in public events or express their views by refusing to take orders, but stressed it does not condone acts attempting to obstruct or sabotage orders or provoke other workers.

It also said its gradual cutting of its workers’ base service fees for certain districts does not mean that they would necessarily earn less.

But the firm admitted that its communication with staff has not been ideal, and is willing to hold discussions with its delivery team. It says it will arrange talks with staff within this week.