First school to resume all full-day classes next week

Education minister Kevin Yeung on Monday said the first school to resume whole-day face-to-face classes for all of its students will do so next week.

He did not name the school, but it’s one of two institutions that has applied for the full-day resumption of classes.

As for the partial resumption of classes, Yeung said full-day lessons are being held for pupils of certain forms in five schools so far.

The education chief said 29 schools have applied for the partial resumption of in-person classes.

The government has said full-day classes can resume if students and teachers reach a vaccination rate of at least 70 percent.

Meanwhile, Yeung said they were gathering admission figures at government schools as a routine procedure, and the numbers should be available next month. He said there may be changes in the number of students in the coming few years due to emigration or a falling birth rate.

“Together we can see how to maintain stability in schools and at the same time protect students’ interests. Of course we also have to consider the overall impact on society, including how resources are allocated,” he said.