Fake patriots won’t get past vetting body: John Lee

Chief Secretary John Lee said on Wednesday that a vetting body for would-be elections candidates will try its best to screen out people who are only pretending that they uphold the Basic Law and bear allegiance to the SAR.

The minister was speaking a day after the government announced the members of the new panel which will decide who gets to run in chief executive, Legco and election committee races.

Lee, who is head of the vetting committee, did not give a definitive answer when asked whether people who quit political parties that opposed the government in the past will be cleared to run in future polls.

“We will be considering individual cases on their own merits, taking into consideration all the factors and the information that is available to hand,” Lee said.

“The criteria is just two, and always two: whether he truly upholds the Basic Law and he truly bears allegiance to the Hong Kong SAR,” Lee said.

The body also comprises of Security Secretary Chris Tang, Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Erick Tsang, and Home Affairs Secretary Caspar Tsui.

Asked if it is fair that Tsui will be involved in the vetting when he is from the pro-Beijing DAB party, Lee said committee members have to declare their interests and must quit the body if they want to run in elections themselves.