Experts welcome shorter quarantine for close contacts

Medical experts have backed the government’s decision to cut the quarantine period for close contacts of Covid patients from 21 days to 14, saying infections will not leak out as a result of the move.

Officials announced the policy change after a recent surge in local cases put pressure on quarantine facilities.

Speaking on morning radio shows, the experts said almost all infections would be detected by the 14th day, due to the short incubation period for the Omicron variant of Covid.

Infectious disease expert Joseph Tsang, however, said he thinks people should still be subject to some restrictions after they return home for a week of health monitoring.

“For example, they should be required to wear electronic wristbands… there should be [some restrictions] on the specific distance [they can travel], and that the duration they travel out shouldn’t be too outrageous,” he said.

Government pandemic adviser Professor David Hui said people should still stay home as much as possible after they return from quarantine.