‘Don’t punish eateries if customers use fake app’

The convenor of the Small and Medium Restaurant Federation Gordon Lam on Wednesday urged authorities not to punish eateries if customers are found to be using a fake LeaveHomeSafe app.

Lam was speaking on a RTHK programme after Roundtable legislator Michael Tien said the government plans to make it compulsory for people to use the Covid app at all restaurants.

Currently, if diners are caught providing false personal details in paper form, restaurants can be barred from providing night-time dine-in service for seven days.

“It’s more difficult in distinguishing a real and fake LeaveHomeSafe app. I don’t know what a fake app would look like and I also don’t know how many fake versions there are in the market,” Lam said.

“If the government is really going to make the use of LeaveHomeSafe app compulsory, don’t punish restaurants if people are caught using a fake app.”

Lam also urged the government to review social distancing rules imposed on restaurants now that the Covid situation in Hong Kong has stabilised.