‘Disbandment of CUHK student union unconstitutional’

The judicial committee of the Chinese University’s students’ union has ruled that it was unconstitutional for the entire union to be disbanded, and student representatives should resume their duties.

The students’ union council decided to disband the body last month, citing pressure from the university to register as an independent organisation.

A student took the matter to the judicial committee, which ruled the decision invalid. In a judgment uploaded to its Facebook page on Sunday, the committee said the union did not have the power to dissolve the body.

“If the student union wishes to exercise such power, it has to hold a general meeting to discuss amending the constitution and ordinance and have it passed after a vote,” the committee said.

However, the judicial committee went on to say that the student union can suspend the body’s operations through the resignation of council members.

The Chinese University said it had noted the judicial committee’s decision. It said university officials have been closely communicating with various student representatives in the past month.

It stressed it had never “threatened” or “pressured” the student union to disband.

The school has always wanted student representatives to play an active role in the campus, it said, “so long as the relevant association is registered with the authorities in accordance with the law.”