Customs make largest smuggling seizure of the year

Hong Kong customs say they have made their largest seizure of smuggled goods so far this year – netting electronics, high-end food and cosmetics worth an estimated HK$50 million.

However, the department said its officers were unable to make any arrests during Friday’s anti-smuggling operation.

The department said its officers had been patrolling waters north of Chek Lap Kok, where there is reclamation work for the airport’s third runway, when they spotted “several suspicious men moving suspected smuggled goods from a fishing vessel onto a speedboat.”

When they moved in to take action, the men jumped into the speedboat and fled, the department said.

They detained the fishing vessel, and found amber, dried sea cucumbers, dried fish maw, dried shark fin and bird nests.

They also found electronics, including smartphones and computer drives, as well as high-end liquor, cosmetics, and handbags.

The department’s investigation is ongoing.