Customs head dismisses censorship claims

The Commissioner of Customs and Excise Louise Ho on Saturday dismissed censorship claims after she said her department would be on alert for people using everyday items to spread messages that could endanger national security.

Speaking on a radio show, Ho said although the number of guns and helmets seized at the border has dropped after the implementation of the national security law, there could still be “propaganda” materials slipping through the net.

Ho claimed these items, which she had previously said included books and magazines, sought to incite violence and hatred against the country and the SAR government.

Officers would act in accordance with the law when they come across such items, Ho said, adding that legal advice would be sought when necessary.

Meanwhile, the commissioner said officers may initially be flexible in their enforcement when the ban on e-cigarettes comes into force next year.

She added customs is still speaking with other government departments on how to enforce the ban.