Covid arrangements to be put in place for DSE exams

Authorities say at least six students will be taking their university entrance exam in a quarantine camp, and special arrangements will be put in place to facilitate the process.

Four of them are infected with Covid and two are being observed, according to the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA).

They will sit the Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE) exams at the Penny’s Bay facility in separate rooms, and an invigilator will monitor them via a webcam in another room, giving instructions for them to begin and stop writing with a broadcast system.

The process will be recorded.

The Authority says 60 invigilators will be available for such arrangements, and more can be trained if needed.

All DSE candidates are required to take Covid rapid antigen tests and fill in health declaration forms before the exams.

If they test positive on the day of the exam, students should call the assessment authority via 3628 8860 before 6.30am and make clear whether they still wish to attend.

If they would still like to take the exam, they should book anti-epidemic taxis to Penny’s Bay.

The DSE exams will last between April 22 and May 14, and the results will be out on July 20.