Contest aims to uncover forgotten, neglected routes

Organisers of what’s being described as Hong Kong’s first trail discovery contest said on Tuesday they are hoping to make it safer and easier for people to walk between the city’s urban centres and nature trails.

The City2Trail contest encourages people to send in maps and photos of hiking routes, walking paths, or jogging tracks that have been forgotten or neglected and are in need of repairs, enhancements or simply signage.

A report on all the proposed routes will be compiled, and then presented to government departments with recommendations about enhancement works.

One of the organisers, Designing Hong Kong’s Paul Zimmerman, said safe access is needed between Hong Kong’s many hiking trails.

“Tai Tam Country Park and Shek O Country Park are both important country parks where lots of people go hiking, but the connection between the two is really awkward,” he said. “You have to walk on Shek O Road, and there is no other way to cross at the moment, but the problem is that some sections are without pavements.”

Another organiser, James Ockenden from Transit Jam, said they hope the contest can educate people about trails and counteract any perception that hiking is an especially dangerous activity.