Civil engineering official attended yacht party

The Civil Engineering and Development Department has confirmed that the head of its Sustainable Lantau Office, Michael Fong, had joined a gathering on a yacht on Friday.

The department said a total of 22 people were on the boat, and they had kept their masks on except when they had lunch.

The department’s statement came after a photo circulated on social media showing a group posing in front of a boat holding a banner to celebrate Fong’s “promotion”. There was no official announcement.

Responding to an RTHK enquiry, the department said the boat lunch was paid for by the participants themselves, and take-out food were ordered. It said Fong was invited as a guest but he did not know about detailed arrangments of the gathering.

The department added that in light of the pandemic situation, it’s again reminded all staff members to stay vigilant and comply with anti-epidemic work.