Chan Tong-kai had left police safe house: pastor

The pastor helping murder suspect Chan Tong-kai said on Wednesday that he had left a police safe house since June.

Responding to media enquiries, Reverend Peter Koon didn’t say where Chan lives now, but described it as a place where people won’t easily come into contact with him.

He said police stopped providing protection to Chan four months ago after assessing the situation.

The pastor added that the murder suspect still wants to surrender himself to Taiwan authorities.

“When Chan can make the trip depends on the visa situation,” Koon said.

Chan is accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend Poon Hiu-wing in Taipei in 2018.

The SAR government had cited the case to push the now-abandoned extradition bill in 2019, which led to months of protests in Hong Kong.

Chan has served a 29-month prison term in the SAR for money laundering but has not been tried for murder.

The police has refused to comment, saying it will not disclose details of the case to ensure its safety and confidentiality.