‘CE’s policy address for Beijing, not Hongkongers’

The Democratic Party said on Wednesday that Chief Executive Carrie Lam had failed to deal with Hong Kong’s problems in Wednesday’s policy address, and it appeared to be aimed solely at pleasing Beijing.

The party’s chairman, Lo Kin-hei, said a large part of the address was about how Hong Kong can integrate into the mainland, and there was no mention of how the government hopes to regain the trust of the public.

“It is a policy address which is a platform for her re-election, so the audience is not the Hong Kong people, but the central government,” Lo said.

“It ignores a lot of Hong Kong people’s worries, including the emigration problem… a lot of people are moving out of Hong Kong. They didn’t talk about how they are going to [fix] the problems in Hong Kong. There is a lot of mistrust in Hong Kong. Hong Kong people don’t trust the government. She didn’t try to address that.”