CE thanks people who voted in Legco elections

Chief Executive Carrie Lam has offered her gratitude to more than 1.3 million voters who cast their ballots in the Legco elections.

In a statement issued on Sunday evening after the polling stations closed, Lam called the vote “an important election” and “carries far-reaching meaning”.

She said anti-China forces entered the political system through elections in the past, throwing Legco into chaos, so the requirement mandating that candidates should be patriots is legitimate.

“I sincerely thank more than 1.3 million voters who have cast their votes today. Their votes are not only for choosing their own Legco members, they are also a show of support for the improved electoral system and their aspirations for effective enhancement of the governance efficiency of the HKSAR as well as the resulting economic development and livelihood improvements,” Lam said.

The chief executive also said the polls were conducted in an open, fair and honest manner, and the process was generally smooth.