CE affirms achievements of sixth plenary session

The Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, on Saturday hailed the landmark resolution of the sixth plenary session of the Communist Party’s central committee, and stressed the importance of the central government’s support for the SAR in recent years.

In a statement, Lam said the communique of the sixth plenary session had affirmed unequivocally that, with regard to upholding the policy of “One Country, Two Systems” and promoting national reunification, the Central Committee had implemented the principle that Hong Kong and Macao should be governed by patriots.

“These moves have helped to restore order in Hong Kong and ensure a turn for the better in the region,” Lam said.

“All this has laid a solid foundation for advancing law-based governance in Hong Kong and Macao and for securing steady and continued success of the “One Country, Two Systems” policy. This staunch support from the Central Authorities is the fundamental safeguard of the lasting prosperity and sustainability of Hong Kong.”

Lam said that in the past two years, Hong Kong had encountered “unprecedented political challenges”, putting national security at huge risk.

“Nevertheless, the central government has continued to act in accordance with the constitution and the Basic Law. The promulgation and implemention of the National Security Law, as well as the improved electoral system of the HKSAR, have provided a timely curb on the chaos in Hong Kong,” Lam said.

She called on every patriot aspiring to run for Legislative Council elections in December to “fully discharge their responsibilities of reflecting public views and monitoring the operation of the Government in the Legislative Council”.