Carrie Lam calls foster home abuse case ‘outrageous’

The chief executive on Saturday called the suspected child abuse case uncovered at a foster home “outrageous” and has asked her welfare chief to investigate if negligence was involved on the part of the organisation.

Writing on her Facebook page, Carrie Lam said according to the police investigation, 18 children were believed to have been abused – describing the case as “very serious.”

The police have arrested three women, and charged two of them, in connection with the case discovered at the Children’s Residential Home, which is run by the Society for the Protection of Children. It takes care of babies and toddlers.

Lam said she had proposed new measures in her policy address to tackle the rising number of child abuse cases in recent years.

She said she believes the newly-elected legislators would have no disagreements about child protection and hopes her measures can be passed smoothly.