BGI to resume mobile Covid testing

The government on Thursday announced that Covid-19 testing contractor BGI is to resume its mobile operations following a review.

Its operations were suspended in April after cross-contamination caused several samples to test false-positive.

The government statement said BGI will follow up on the opinions of all parties within a short period of time and it will allow the laboratory, as one of the community testing centre service contractors, to resume the operation of its mobile sampling stations as necessary.

BGI said that it has taken on board the opinions of all parties and taken a number of follow-up actions, including the replacement of relevant operating tools, to avoid future cross-infection of samples.

The Government had invited the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) to conduct a third-party audit on BGI’s laboratory in late-April, with a view to improving its quality assurance management as well as enhancing the overall monitoring of other private laboratories.