Beijing exposes Washington’s ‘criminal record’ on HK

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing on Friday published a lengthy list of what it frames as instances of Washington’s interference in the affairs of Hong Kong and support for anti-China forces.

The list contains no preamble, nor any further explanatory note for why it has been published.

But the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China in Hong Kong added in a statement also published on Friday that the US should “abandon its outdated ‘us-or-them’ mentality and ditch its illusion of preventing Hong Kong from righting the wrongs”.

The ministry’s list contains more than 100 examples that are broken up into five sections, from the US enacting Hong Kong-related acts that vilify China, to imposing sanctions on Hong Kong or mainland officials, to making unfounded charges.

Among the individual examples listed are not only acts of Congress signed into law by the then-US President Donald Trump, but also the US Consulate in Hong Kong putting candles in its windows on June 4.

The commissioner’s office called the list a “criminal record”, as well as a strong response and firm counterattack to US bullying and Washington’s “violation of basic norms governing international relations”.

“The list has laid bare the malicious means and motives of the United States in interfering into Hong Kong affairs,” it said.

“Facts have repeatedly shown that the United States is the chief culprit in undermining Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability. The ironclad details in the fact sheet are irrefutable proof.”

The commissioner’s office goes on to say that the list “makes it clear to the world that China’s sovereignty, security and development interests shall not be challenged, China’s resolve to fully and faithfully implement the principle of One Country, Two Systems is beyond doubt, and Hong Kong’s unity, harmony and stability shall not be undermined.”

“All moves to play the ‘Hong Kong card’ to contain China’s development will prove to be in vain,” it added.

The commissioner’s office said Hong Kong is on a new journey towards stability, prosperity and sound governance.

“The Chinese side urges the US side to earnestly respect China’s internal affairs, abide by international law and the basic norms governing international relations, and immediately withdraw its ‘black hand’ for interfering into Hong Kong affairs, otherwise what it has done will only boomerang and be firmly counterattacked by all Chinese people,” it warned.