Beijing backs democracy, hails new Legco in HK

The commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong, Liu Guangyuan, has told foreign dignitaries and chambers of commerce that Beijing has unwavering support for Hong Kong’s democratic development, and will continue to protect the interests of foreign investors here.

Liu was speaking to around 120 representatives at a briefing on Beijing’s recent white paper on Hong Kong’s political development.

In his speech, the commissioner said the white paper clarifies misinformation about the SAR’s democratic development, counters the interference of anti-China forces and enhances confidence in future democratic development.

He said British colonial rule hadn’t brought genuine democracy but instead “laid hidden snares” for democratic development in Hong Kong after the handover.

Liu said certain countries have imposed their political systems and values on others, but people in China and Hong Kong will never want or accept what he called a “democracy trap”.

“The central government has never wavered in its commitment, changed its sincerity or stopped its efforts to support Hong Kong in developing democracy. Any rational observer can clearly see that since Hong Kong’s return to China, its people have gained much greater access to political participation and enjoy more democratic rights than ever before. Democracy in Hong Kong is flourishing in full swing,” he said.

Liu added that Sunday’s Legco polls have proven that Hong Kong’s new electoral system is effective, saying the new legislative will bring a new atmosphere to Hong Kong’s political life.

“It is a successful model of quality democracy and substantive democracy, and shows that democracy in Hong Kong is advancing with the times,” he said.

Liu said Beijing will fully and faithfully implement One Country, Two Systems and continue to promote the development of democracy in Hong Kong.
Last updated: 2021-12-22 HKT 16:56