Apple Daily supporters in emotional farewell

Fans of Apple Daily were out in force at its Tseung Kwan O headquarters on Wednesday evening, offering their support and an emotional farewell to their beloved newspaper on its final night in business.

Many of them went there after learning that Apple Daily would be printing its final edition and stop updating its online edition after midnight.

A woman known as Siu Ming and two of her friends were among those showing their support at the Apple Daily headquarters.

The avid reader of the paper for the past 26 years summed up her feelings.

“Very sad for a long time, disappointed, unbelievable that this happens in Hong Kong,” she said.

“Now in Hong Kong, the truth seems quite far away from us.”

A man who calls himself K went there with his wife and two primary school boys to bid farewell.

“A little bit sad,” he said, “because it’s just like a friend that you know for more than 20 years suddenly migrated to another place and needed to leave Hong Kong, the most beautiful place I have ever lived.”

But not everyone there was full of praise for Apple Daily.

People who are against the newspaper also made their presence felt. They popped champagne and got into shouting matches with others.