200,000 recovered Covid patients download new code

The government said some 200,000 people had registered in a new system as recovered Covid patients as of 5pm on Wednesday.

Under the system that was launched on Tuesday, they’d be provided with a QR code that can be used instead of a vaccine pass for 180 days, before they can be inoculated.

The government’s deputy chief information officer, Tony Wong, said it only takes a minute or two for people to complete the registration process.

He said on an RTHK radio programme that some may be unable to get the code, if they didn’t report their positive test results to the authorities, or have input data different from what they had reported.

To check their records, Wong said people can send an email to ratp@dh.gov.hk, or call the hotline 2569-5777.

But DAB lawmaker Vincent Cheng, who’s recovered from Covid, said on the same programme that he couldn’t get the QR code.

He said the system told him it doesn’t have his records, and he doesn’t know what went wrong.

The lawmaker said he kept calling the government’s hotline for a couple of hours but it did not go through and the voice mailbox was full.
Last updated: 2022-04-20 HKT 19:25