No infections uncovered in North Point lockdown

  • No infections uncovered in North Point lockdown

Hong Kong’s second “ambush-style” coronavirus lockdown has found no new infections among the 475 people tested.

The government sealed off the Tung Fat Building on Kam Ping Street in North Point on Thursday night, forcing residents to stay at home until they had tested negative for Covid-19.

At 7am on Friday, residents are allowed to leave the area after showing proof of their negative test.

One resident, a Mrs Ng, said she was happy with the government operation.

“The government suddenly locked down our building at 7pm last night, and sometimes I need to work at that hour. But I was home last night. The government did quite well, getting us tested and providing us food,” she said.

“I’ve received a negative result, but I’m still afraid of getting infected when going out. But the operation is helpful; it’s good to have people tested even if just a few caught the bug.”

But district councillor Lee Yue-shun, who has been helping the residents there, described the lockdown as a failure.

“In total there are 1,000 something residents there, so 475 is just below 50 percent, and no cases were found,” he said. “I can’t see any meaning or efficiency in this measure.”

The authorities said they couldn’t get in touch with 190 households when knocking on their doors, and will follow up with them.

Thirteen confirmed cases have been reported from Block C of the 56-year-old Tung Fat Building, and residents of units 6 and 7 were sent to quarantine centres.