HKEX Welcomes Additional Stock Connect Trading Days

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) welcomes the announcement today (Friday) by Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission and the China Securities Regulatory Commission on additional Stock Connect trading calendar enhancements, adding up to over 10 trading days to Northbound and Southbound Connect each year.

Currently, Northbound trading on Stock Connect would be closed on the trading day before a Hong Kong public holiday, because banking services aren’t available in the Hong Kong market on public holidays. The enhancements will enable Northbound trading under Stock Connect on all trading days that are mutual to the Hong Kong and Mainland China markets. Similar adjustments will also be made to the Southbound arrangements of Stock Connect.

The first additional Northbound trading day will be 25 May 2023, followed by two additional Northbound trading days (20 October and 22 December 2023) for the year.

HKEX Co-Chief Operating Officer and Head of Equities Wilfred Yiu said: “The launch of these Stock Connect trading calendar enhancements is great news for the market, providing more trading opportunities to international and Mainland investors alike. We look forward to working with all our stakeholders and regulators in delivering these enhancements, as we continue to build Hong Kong’s role as a global superconnector.”

The trading calendar of Stock Connect in 2023 has been updated, more information is also available in the designated page on HKEX website. 


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