HKEX Expands Charity Partnership Programme and Invites Applications

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) is today (Monday) pleased to announce HKEX Foundation will this year expand its Charity Partnership Programme (Programme), and invites applications from local charities.

This year, HKEX Foundation will increase funding for the Programme to $50 million, up from $20 million previously. The expanded Charity Partnership Programme aims to support a larger number of long-term community projects reaching more individuals and fulfilling HKEX Foundation’s commitments in the fields of Financial Literacy, Diversity and Inclusion, Poverty Relief and Environmental Sustainability. The Programme is now actively welcoming applications from member agencies of The Community Chest of Hong Kong (the Chest), as well as The Hong Kong Council of Social Service.

HKEX Chairman Laura M Cha said: “As a purpose-driven company, HKEX is committed to the long-term development of our markets, as well as our community. We are proud that the HKEX Charity Partnership Programme has made significant achievements in supporting those in need, especially during such challenging periods over the last two years. By allocating more resources and scaling up the Programme to support more organisations, we seek to strengthen our engagement with the community and bring even more meaningful and positive impact to our society.”

The Programme, first launched in 2020 and managed by the Chest, aims to support long-term community projects across four focus areas: Financial Literacy, Diversity and Inclusion, Poverty Relief and Environmental Sustainability. Over the last two years, the Programme has supported 18 community projects, benefiting more than 60,000 people across Hong Kong.

The Programme is open for application until 15 June 2022. Please refer to the HKEX Group website for further details of the Programme and HKEX Foundation’s philanthropic initiatives.



About HKEX Foundation

HKEX Foundation was established in June 2020 to deepen HKEX’s connectivity and long-standing commitment to addressing the social and environmental challenges faced by our communities. It is a recognised charitable entity under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. HKEX Foundation supports those in need through partnerships with local charities and funding projects across four focus areas: Financial Literacy, Diversity and Inclusion, Poverty Relief, and Environmental Sustainability.

About HKEX

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) is one of the world’s major exchange groups, and operates a range of equity, commodity, fixed income and currency markets. HKEX is the world’s leading IPO market and as Hong Kong’s only securities and derivatives exchange and sole operator of its clearing houses, it is uniquely placed to offer regional and international investors access to Asia’s most vibrant markets.

HKEX is also the global leader in metals trading, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, The London Metal Exchange (LME) and LME Clear Limited. This commodity franchise was further enhanced with the launch of Qianhai Mercantile Exchange (QME), in China, in 2018.

HKEX launched the pioneering Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect programme in 2014, further expanded with the launch of Shenzhen Connect in 2016, and the launch of Bond Connect in 2017.